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Lopez, Victoria y Cleva, J. Miguel y Montero, Javier (2006) A functional tool for fuzzy first order logic evaluation. In Applied artificial intelligence : proceedings of the 7th International FLINS Conference, Genova, Italy, 29-31 August 2006. World Scientific, Singapore, pp. 19-27. ISBN 978-981-256-690-4

Franco, Camilo y Rodríguez, Juan Tinguaro y Montero, Javier y Gomez, D. (2016) A new view on the relationships between interval valured and intuitionistic fuzzy sets. In Uncertainty modelling in knowledge engineering and decision making Proceedings of the 12th International FLINS Conference (FLINS 2016). Wold scientific proceeding series on computer engineering and information science, 1 (10). World Scientific, USA, pp. 105-111. ISBN 978-9813146969

Franco, Camilo y Rodríguez, Juan Tinguaro y Montero, Javier (2014) Bipolarity in social sciences and mathematics. In Decision Making and Soft Computing - Proceedings of the 11th International Flins Conference. World Scientific proceedings series on computer engineering and information science., 3 (9). World Scientific Publishing Company, Singapore, pp. 336-339. ISBN 978-981-4619-96-7

Lopez, Victoria y Montero, Javier y Rodríguez, Juan Tinguaro (2010) Formal Specification and Implementation of Computational aggregation functions. In Computational Intelligence: Foundations and Applications, Proceedings of the 9th International FLINS Conference (World Scientific Proceedings Series on Computer Engineering and Information Science). World Scientific Proceedings Series on Computer Engineering and Information Science, 4 (4). World Scientific Publishing Company, pp. 523-528. ISBN 9789814324694

Montero, Javier y Tejada Cazorla, Juan Antonio y Cutello, V. (1995) Fuzzy preferences in knowledge-based systems. In Foundations and applications of possibility theory. Advances in fuzzy systems (8). World Scientific, Singapore, pp. 316-321. ISBN 981-02-2289-0/hbk

Kerre, Etienne E. y Martinez, L. y Lu, Jie y Montero, Javier (2013) In Memoriam EUSFLAT Board Member Da Ruan: Obituary. In A Tribute to Prof. Dr. Da Ruan. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, Berlin, pp. 25-27. ISBN 978-3-642-30307-4

Montero, Javier y Vitoriano, Begoña y Gomez, Daniel (2013) Professor Da Ruan, Distinguished Visitor at Complutense University, Madrid. In A Tribute to Prof. Dr. Da Ruan. Springer- verlag, Berlin, pp. 139-141. ISBN 978-3-642-30306-7

Montero, Javier y Cappelle, Bart y Kerre, Etienne E. (1995) The Usefulness of Complete Lattices in Reliability Theory. In Reliability and Safety Analyses under Fuzziness. Studies in Fuzziness (4). Physica-Verlag HD, pp. 95-110. ISBN 978-3-662-12913-5

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Montero, Javier y Lopez, Victoria y Gómez, D (2007) The role of fuzziness in decision making. In Fuzzy Logic. Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing (215). Springer- verlag, Berlin, pp. 337-349. ISBN 978-3-540-71257-2

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