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Acquistapace, Francesca and Broglia, Fabrizio and Fernando Galván, José Francisco and Ruiz Sancho, Jesús María (2010) On the finiteness of Pythagoras numbers of real meromorphic functions. Bulletin de la Société Mathématique de France , 138 (2). pp. 231-247. ISSN 0037-9484

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Alcolado Santos, Julio and López Carrasco, Raquel (2010) Programa de Prevención de la Dependencia y Envejecimiento Activo: Un Modelo de Formación de Psicohabilidades en un entorno B-Learning. RELADA, Volumen 4 (2). pp. 86-94. ISSN 1988-5822

Almaraz Luengo, Elena (2010) Fuzzy mean-variance portfolio selection problems. Advanced modelling and optimization, 12 (3). pp. 399-410. ISSN 1841-4311

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Alonso-Zarza, Ana María and Genise, J.F. (2010) Rhizolith balls from the Lower Cretaceous of Patagonia: Just roots or the oldest evidence of insect agriculture? Palaeogeography, palaeoclimatology, palaeoecology , 287 . pp. 128-142. ISSN 0031-0182

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Arcos Fernández, Saleta and Sevilla García, Paloma and Fernández Jalvo, Yolanda (2010) Preliminary small mammal taphonomy of FLK NW level 20 (Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania). Quaternary research, 74 . pp. 405-410. ISSN 0033-5894

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Arroyo Esteban, Santiago (2010) ‘Memoria’ de Lodovico Dolce en la Biblioteca Histórica Marqués de Valdecilla. Pecia Complutense, Año 7 (12). pp. 108-134. ISSN 1698-272X

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