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Tharsis dome, Mars: New evidence for Noachian-Hesperian tbick-skin and Amazonian thin-skin tectonics



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Anguita, Francisco and Farelo, Agustín-Felipe and López, Valle and Mas, Cristina and Muñoz Espadas, María Jesús and Márquez, Álvaro and Ruiz Pérez, Javier (2001) Tharsis dome, Mars: New evidence for Noachian-Hesperian tbick-skin and Amazonian thin-skin tectonics. Journal of geophysical research , 106 (E4). pp. 7577-7589. ISSN 0148-0227

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A photogeoIogical reconnaissance ofViking mosaics and images ofthe Tharsis
dome has been carried out. Fifteen new areas of transcurrent faulting have been located
which, together with other struétures previously detected, support a modeI in which the
Thaumasia PIateau, the southeastem part of the Tharsis dome, is proposed to be an
independent lithospheric block that experienced buckling and thrust faulting in Late
N oachian or Early Hesperian times as a result of an E-W directed compression. Evidence is
presented that this stress fieId, rather than the Tharsis uplift, was decisive in the inception of
Valles Marineris, which we consider a transtensive, dextral accident. The buckling spacing
permits us, rnoreover, to tentatively reconstruct a Martian Hesperian lithosphere similar in
eIastic thickness to the mean present terrestrial oceanic lithosphere, thus sí.lpporting the
possibility of a restricted lithospheric mobility in that periodo Tharsis lithosphere was again
subjected to shear stresses in Amazonian times, a period in which important accidents,such
as strike-slip faults, wrinkle ridges, and straight and sigmoidal graben, were formed under a
thin-skin tectonic regime, while the lithosphere as a: mechanical unit had become too thick
and sttong to buckle. The possibIe causes of those stresses, and especially their relationships
to a putative period of pIate tectonics, are discussed.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Geoplanetologia, Marte, Tharsis, Tectónica
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