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El problema de rutas ecológico con múltiples tecnologías y recargas parciales



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Ambrona Castellanos, Miguel (2014) El problema de rutas ecológico con múltiples tecnologías y recargas parciales. [Trabajo Fin de Máster]

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A variant of the well-known vehicle routing problem (VRP) has been formulated and studied, the Green Vehicle Routing Problem with Multiple Technologies and Partial Recarges. In the GVRP-MTPR, the fleet consists of electric vehicles. Therefore, they have a limited range and they need to recharge their batteries in refueling stations. This fact is an additional difficulty, because there are nodes in the network (the refueling stations) that can be visited more than once or never.
Two integer linear programming models have been developed for exact resolution. However, in practice these models are useful in “small” instances of the problem, but not in “large” ones, because their resolution requires excessive computing time. Alternatively, heuristic algorithms have been developed to find good solutions, though maybe not optimal, within short running times. Also three metaheuristic techniques (Simulated Annealing, Tabu Search and Variable Neighbourhood Search) have been implemented and tested in several test instances. Computational results show that metaheuristics perform very well and are a good alternative for solving this combinatorial optimization problem.

Tipo de documento:Trabajo Fin de Máster
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Felipe Ortega, Angelfelipe@mat.ucm.es
Tirado Domínguez, Gregoriogregoriotd@mat.ucm.es
Palabras clave:Vehicle routing, electric vehicles, metaheuristics, simulated annealing, tabu search, variable neighbourhood search
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