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Fermi surface and electronic structure of Pb/Ge(111)



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Mascaraque Susunaga, Arantzazu y Avila, J. y Michel, E. G. y Asensio, M. C. (1998) Fermi surface and electronic structure of Pb/Ge(111). Physical review B, 57 (23). pp. 14758-14765. ISSN 0163-1829

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URL Oficial: http://dx.doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevB.57.14758

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The electronic structure of Pb/Ge(111) has been probed along the temperature-induced phase transition ct -root 3X root 3R30 degrees double right arrow 3 X 3 using angle-resolved photoemission. The alpha-root 3X root 3R30 degrees phase is metallic due to the existence of a half-filled, dispersing surface band. The 3 X 3 phase is characterized by the appearance of an additional surface band with 3 X 3 periodicity, whose role in the phase transition is discussed. The Fermi-surface topology of the alpha-root 3X root 3R30 degrees phase has been probed using angle-resolved photoemission. Its shape is undulated, and it resembles strongly the theoretical prediction, with a Fermi momentum of 0.31 Angstrom(-1) along <(Gamma K)over bar> directions and 0.40 Angstrom(-1) along <(Gamma M)over bar> directions. These values were determined from different experimental methods, and agree with the values needed for a perfect 3 X 3 nesting. However, the Fermi surface exhibits no large flat areas suitable for electronic nesting.

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© 1998 The American Physical Society.
We thank E. Tosatti, G. LeLay, and F. Flores for discussions, J. Osterwalder and his group for their assistance and support in the construction of the manipulator, and R. Stumpf for communicating to us unpublished results. This work was financed by DGICYT (Spain) under Grant Nos. PB-94-1527 and PB-94-0022-C02-01. The access of A.M. and E.G.M. to LURE, Centre Universitaire Paris-Sud, was supported through the Large Scale Facilities program of the European Union. A.M. thanks Eusko Jaurlaritza for financial support.

Palabras clave:Charge-Density wave; Angle-Resolved photoemission; Ge(111) Surfaces; Pb; Phase; W(001); Reconstructions; Spectroscopy; Interfaces; Systems
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