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φ →π⁺π⁻ decay within a chiral unitary approach



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Oller, J. A. y Oset, E. y Peláez Sagredo, José Ramón (2000) φ →π⁺π⁻ decay within a chiral unitary approach. Physical review D, 62 (11). ISSN 1550-7998

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URL Oficial: http://dx.doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevD.62.114017

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Starting from the chiral perturbation theory Lagrangian, but keeping different masses for the charged and neutral mesons (m_u ≠ m_d), and using a previously developed nonperturbative unitary scheme that generates the lightest meson-meson resonances, we construct KK̅→KK̅ and KK̅→π⁺π⁻ in the vector channel. This allows us to obtain the kaon-loop contribution to φ-ρ mixing and study the φ→π⁺π⁻ decay. The dominant contribution to this decay comes from the φ→ϒ→π⁺π⁻ process. However, there can be large interferences with the subdominant contributions coming from φ-ρ and φ-ω mixing, or of these two contributions among themselves. As a consequence, a reliable measurement of φ→π⁺π⁻ decay could be used to differentiate between some φ-ω mixing scenarios proposed in the literature.

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©2000 The American Physical Society.
We would like to thank T. Barnes, A. Bramon, R. Escribano, and Ulf-G. Meissner for discussions and useful information. J.A.O. would like to acknowledge partial financial
support from the Generalitat Valenciana. J.R.P. thanks the Departamento de Física Teórica and IFIC at the University of Valencia-CSIC for their warm hospitality. We would also like to acknowledge the financial support from the DGICYT under Contracts No. PB96-0753, AEN97-1693, and PB98-0782 and from the EU TMR network Eurodaphne, Contract No. ERBFMRX-CT98-0169.

Palabras clave:Phase-shift analysis; Zweig-Iizuka rule; Pion form-factor; Perturbation-theory; Gev-C; Kpi scattering; One-loop; Elastic-scattering; Meson interactions; Hadronic loops
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Ciencias > Física > Física matemática
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