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Narrativa de tradición oral maya-tojolabal



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Chica Delgado, María Cruz La (2016) Narrativa de tradición oral maya-tojolabal. [Tesis]

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For this research, a literary study of the oral tradition in the Maya-Tojolabal culture was carried out through an examination of a collection of 37 texts. The texts were audiovisually recorded through interviews with 17 Tojolabal informants from six communities in the state of Chiapas, Mexico. The Maya-Tojolabal people, found in the southeast of Chiapas, speak one of the Mayan languages of Mexico. One of their cultural expressions is traditional narrative, which is constituted by several versions of stories that men and women with expertise in traditional storytelling maintain alive. However, this oral tradition has been neglected by academia, and the very few studies on this tradition are primarily focused on either the historical, anthropological or linguistic aspects. The literary approach to this phenomenon has largely been relegated to articles that do not offer the possibility of any critical formalsemantic study of the stories that they publish. Nonetheless, there are some exceptional cases, which are considered in detail in this research. Like any collective art, the narrative in the Tojolabal oral tradition manifests in various forms, meanings, and mechanisms that are shared by all members of the community. In addition to being an artistic expression, the narratives are also a reflection of the values and beliefs shared by the group...

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Tesis inédita de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Facultad de Filología, Departamento de Filología Española IV (Bibliografía Española y Literatura Hispanoamericana), leída el 09-10-2015

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Valenciano López de Andújar, Ana
Gutiérrez Estévez, Manuel
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