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Edición y estudio de Bencimarte de Lusitania



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Soriano Romero, María Teresa (2016) Edición y estudio de Bencimarte de Lusitania. [Tesis]

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La historia del invencible y clarísimo principe Bencimarte de Lusitania, emperador del gran Cairo y de otros principes de su linaje, is a handwritten Romance of Chivalries found by José Manuel Lucía Megías in the library of the Royal Palace in Madrid. There are two known copies in the forementioned library. The two copies (B1 and B2) dońt have the same content, the depth of the work is found in B1 which is selected for this thesis whereas in B2 we could only find incoherent and unconnected parts due to book binding and covering as some texts had been lost. In the present work is going to be offered a manuscript description, inner and outer features, dating issues, text variations, narrative voices and structure, chronology and worḱs primary and secondary sources, characters, summaries, arguments and what́s new according to the world of chivalry. Our initial aim was to set a conclusive text of Bencimarte de Lusitania as to it has remained unknown for the reader until nowadays. It dealt with the transcription of both manuscripts, reinterprated their contents and compared them with the original texts. On the other hand, we could make a critical edition of the final version which highlighted Bencimarte himself and its possible interpretations. Thus, we could suitably arrange the text in its period as there is no date on it by means of the text itself or any further reference. We will do the same regarding to either the author or the authors. We would study the book itself offering an interpretation and a deep analysis of its elements, both the structural ones and those that belong to Romance of Chivelries themselves (mythical and marvellous adventures, knights and ladies , prodigious characters, the topic of the found manuscript, challenges and so on) as well as what is new and unique in this work of art which means to follow a pattern apart from introducing something new in the Chivelry books...

Tipo de documento:Tesis
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Tesis inédita de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Facultad de Filologia, Departamento de Filologia Española II (Literatura Española), leída el 08/02/2016

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Lucía Megías, José Manuel
Palabras clave:Libros de caballerías, Los libros de Rocinante, "La historia del invencible y clarísimo principe Bencimarte de Lusitania, emperador del gran Cairo y de otros principes de su linaje"
Palabras clave (otros idiomas):Romance of Chivalries
Materias:Humanidades > Filología > Literatura española e hispanoamericana
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