Emergence: Between reductive and non reductive explanations. Does it make?



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Pérez Martínez, Alfredo (2009) Emergence: Between reductive and non reductive explanations. Does it make? In Philosophical Essays on Physics and Biology. Jose Luis Gonzalez Recio / George Olms Verlag, pp. 325-347. ISBN 978-3-487-13713-1

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At the core of the emergence discussion is the dispute between a reductive and a nonreductive conception of the universe, or putting it another way, between an ontological monism and an ontology of levels. The debate is established on two fronts; on one hand, between the defenders of a reductive approach and the vindicators of emergentism; and on the other hand, a dispute between the emergentists, those who are committed with a reductive perspective – micro-determinists - and those who argue in favor of a macro-determinism based on the notion of downward causation. That a reductionist raises objections against the reasons and the scope of the emergence program is understandable, that amongst emergentists there is no point of agreement raises, at the least, suspicions regarding the validity of what they are trying to elucidate.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Emergence; Downward Causation; Macrodeterminism; Microdeterminism; Reductive Physicalism; Nonreductive Physicalism
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