Characterization of the Martian Convective Boundary Layer



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Martínez, Germán and Valero Rodríguez, Francisco and Vázquez Martínez, Luis (2009) Characterization of the Martian Convective Boundary Layer. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences , 66 (7). pp. 2044-2058. ISSN 0022-4928

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The authors have carried out an extensive characterization of the Martian mixed layer formed under convective conditions. The values of the mixed layer height, convective velocity scale, convective temperature scale, mean temperature standard deviation, mean horizontal and vertical velocity standard deviations, and mean turbulent viscous dissipation rate have been obtained during the strongest convective hours for the mixed layer. In addition, the existing database of the surface layer has been improved by recalculating some parameters (e.g., Monin–Obukhov length, friction velocity, or scale temperature) that had already been obtained in previous papers by other means and also by calculating new ones, such as the standard deviation of the vertical wind speed velocity, the turbulent viscous dissipation rate, and eddy transfer coefficients for momentum and heat. The Earth counterparts of all these magnitudes are also shown. In this paper, a comprehensive database concerning the whole convective planetary boundary layer on Mars is displayed, and a detailed terrestrial comparison is established.
The inputs of this work are hourly in situ temperature, hourly in situ horizontal wind speed, and hourly simulated ground temperature for specific selected Sols of the Viking and Pathfinder landers. These data correspond to typical low and midlatitude northern summertime conditions, with weak prevailing winds. To handle this set of data, surface layer and mixed layer similarity theory have been used at the strongest convective hours. In addition, the inclusion of a parameterization of a molecular sublayer and prescribed values of the surface roughness has been considered.

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