Resurfacing on Venus



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Romeo Briones, Ignacio and Turcotte, Donald L. (Donald Lawson) (2010) Resurfacing on Venus. Planetary and Space Science , 58 . pp. 1374-1380. ISSN ISSN: 0032-0633

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The resurfacing evolution of Venus has beene valuated through Monte Carlo simulations. Forthefirst
time, the size sof volcanic flows in the models were generated using the frequency–size distribution of
volcanic units measured on Venus. Anon-homogeneous spatial generation of volcanic units was
included in the models reproducing the Beta–Alta–Themis volcanic anomaly. Crater modification is
simulated using a 3 Dapproach. The final number of modified craters and randomnes sof the crater
population were used to evaluate the successof the models, comparing the results from our simulations
with Venus observations. The randomness of the crater population is evaluated using pair-correlation statistics. On the one hand, a catastrophic resurfacing event followed by moderate volcanic activity
covering ≈40% of the planetary surface can reproduce the number of modified crater sand the
pair-correlation statistics do not reject randomness. On the other hand, the pair-correlation test for
equilibriums teady-state resurfacing models rejects ther and omness of the crater population when
reproducing the observed frequency–size distribution of the volcanic units with a non-homogeneous
spatial generation of volcanic units.

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