Heat flows through the ice lithosphere of Europa



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Ruiz Pérez, Javier and Tejero López, Rosa (2000) Heat flows through the ice lithosphere of Europa. Journal of geophysical research , 105 (E12). 29,283-29,289. ISSN 0148-0227

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Someo f the geologicafle atureso n the surfaceo f Europa'si ce shells uggestth e
existenceo f a brittlel ithosphereth ati n somer egionsis no moret han2 km thick.T he
surfaceh eatf low neededt o put the brittle-ductiletr ansitionin ice at a deptho f 2 km is at -9
least• -100m W m -, muchh ighert hanp redictedb y tidal heatingm odelsf or a purely
conductiviec e shell.A possiblee xplanationlie si n thep robablee xistenceo f a convective
layerb eneathth eb rittlel ithospherew, hich,o wingt o tidald issipatioinn warmi ce,c ould
contributteo higherh eatf lows.I f a convectives ubsurfaclea yera ndg rains ized ependent
flow behavioor f ice area dmittedt,h eg rains izea t brittle-ductilter ansitiond epthc annotb e
>1 mm, whichi s consistenwt ith ther equiredv aluef or the onseto f convectionin an ice
shell thinner than 20 km.

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