The Villalbeto de la Peña Meteorite: Raman Spectroscopy and Cathodoluminescence of Feldspar



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García Guinea, Javier and Sánchez Muñoz, Luis and Torno, J.L. and Crespo Feo, Elena and Ruiz Pérez, Javier and Martín Herrero, Álvaro Ignacio and Cremades Rodríguez, Ana Isabel (2009) The Villalbeto de la Peña Meteorite: Raman Spectroscopy and Cathodoluminescence of Feldspar. AIP conference proceedings , 1163 (141). ISSN 0094-243X

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This paper mainly focuses on the spatial distribution of plagioclase phases
observed by Raman and spectra cathodoluminescence (CL) emission of in the Villalbeto de la
Peña meteorite. Initially, we collected fragments countryside to determine the strewn field area
and to perform spot chemical analyses by electron microprobe for the classification of the
specimens (L6 Chondrite). Furthermore, the hyperspectral Raman mapping allow us identify
amorphous Maskelynite feldspar in plagioclase micro-fissures since it is a molecular technique.
The spectra CL emission bands observed at circa 290, 340, 390, 440, 510, 640 and 780 nm are
characteristic in aluminosilicate lattices providing additional data on H+, OH- and H2O and Na+
self-diffusion along interfaces (290 nm), on strained Si—O bonds (340 and 650 nm), on [AlO4]°
centers (380-390 nm and 420-440 nm), on O-—Si…M+ centers (510 nm) and on substitutional
Fe3+ in aluminum positions (740—800 nm broad band). The CL and hyperspectral Raman
techniques coupling demonstrates that the Villalbeto meteorite was shock-metamorphosed from
the amorphous Maskelynite presence in Plagioclase fissures and from the strained Si—O bonds
at room temperature.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Spectra-Cathodoluminescence, Hyperspectral-Raman, Maskelynite, Villalbeto- Meteorite, Plagioclase, Feldspars, Luminescence
Subjects:Sciences > Geology > Geodynamics
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