Time variations of macro and extractable stickies concentrations in deinking



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McNeil, Donald and Miranda Carreño, Rubén and Concepción Lara, María Concepción and Blanco Suárez, Ángeles and Sundberg, Anna (2010) Time variations of macro and extractable stickies concentrations in deinking. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 49 (10). pp. 4933-4939. ISSN 0888-5885

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The stickies content, both macrostickies and stickies extractable in a solvent, was determined for samples taken at short time intervals from deinking lines producing deinked pulp for newsprint production. The study was carried out at three mills on different continents, with each having a different source of recycled paper as raw material. The short-term variations in extractable stickies in the incoming raw material were quite extreme, with differences of 100% being seen within hours. Despite this, the final deinked pulp contained fewer sudden variations and with no correlation to the incoming stickies content. While the raw material appeared to affect the incoming stickies content, a well-optimised deinking line was able to buffer the raw material variability and the final stickies content was more dependent on the deinking process. This result was seen for the two mills examined for this phenomenon, despite a different raw material supply. Macrostickies were found to exhibit the same tendencies, although with smaller and less sudden variations. However, the variations of macrostickies and extractable stickies never correlated, even when both were measured for the same pulp fraction, thus confirming that solvent extraction is not an appropriate method for determination of macrostickies and is more a reflection of microstickies.

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