Measurement-based quantum computation beyond the one-way model



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Gross, D. and Eisert, J. and Schuch, N. and Pérez García, David (2007) Measurement-based quantum computation beyond the one-way model. Physical Review A, 76 . 052315-1. ISSN 1050-2947

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We introduce schemes for quantum computing based on local measurements on entangled resource states. This work elaborates on the framework established in Gross and Eisert [Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 220503 (2007); quant-ph/0609149]. Our method makes use of tools from many-body physics-matrix product states, finitely correlated states, or projected entangled pairs states-to show how measurements on entangled states can be viewed as processing quantum information. This work hence constitutes an instance where a quantum information problem-how to realize quantum computation-was approached using tools from many-body theory and not vice versa. We give a more detailed description of the setting and present a large number of examples. We find computational schemes, which differ from the original one-way computer, for example, in the way the randomness of measurement outcomes is handled. Also, schemes are presented where the logical qubits are no longer strictly localized on the resource state. Notably, we find a great flexibility in the properties of the universal resource states: They may, for example, exhibit nonvanishing long-range correlation functions or be locally arbitrarily close to a pure state. We discuss variants of Kitaev's toric code states as universal resources, and contrast this with situations where they can be efficiently classically simulated. This framework opens up a way of thinking of tailoring resource states to specific physical systems, such as cold atoms in optical lattices or linear optical systems.

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