On the topology of global semianalytic sets



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Ruiz Sancho, Jesús María (1990) On the topology of global semianalytic sets. In Real Analytic and Algebraic Geometry. Lecture Notes in Mathematics (1420). Springer, Berlin, pp. 237-246. ISBN 978-3-540-52313-0

Official URL: http://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/BFb0083924


Let M be a real analytic manifold and O(M) its ring of global analytic functions. Let Z be a global semianalytic set of M (that is, a subset of M of the form Z=⋃r i=0{x∈M:fi1 (x)>0,⋯,fis (x)>0, gi (x)=0}, where fij,gi∈O(M)). In this paper, the author proves the following three theorems. Theorem: If cl(Z)∖Z[resp. Z∖int(Z)] is relatively compact, then the closure cl(Z)[resp. int(Z)] of Z is also a global semianalytic set. Theorem: If Z is closed [resp. open] and Z∖int(Z)[resp. cl(Z)∖Z] is compact, then there are analytic functions fij∈O(M) such that Z=⋃r i=1{x∈M:fi1 (x)≥0,⋯,fis (x)≥0}[resp. Z=⋃r i=1{x∈M:fi1 (x)>0,⋯,fis(x)>0}]. Theorem: If cl(Z)∖Z is relatively compact, then the connected components of Z are also global semianalytic sets.

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Proceedings of the Conference held in Trento, Italy, October 3–7, 1988

Uncontrolled Keywords:Global semianalytic sets; real spectrum; strict localization
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