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Llana Díaz, Luis Fernando and Frutos Escrig, David de and Núñez García, Manuel (1997) Introducing friendly testing. In V Jornadas de Concurrencia: actas de las Quintas Jornadas de Concurrencia, Vigo, junio de 1997. Univ. Vigo, pp. 281-292. ISBN 84-8158-065-1

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We present a new testing semantics, called friendly testing, whose main property is that the induced preorder between processes v fr is consistent with the conformance relation, and so we have, for instance, a \Phi b v fr a v fr a + b. The new theory is strongly based on De Nicola & Hennessy's work on testing, and the structure of the paper closely follows that of Hennessy's book on the subject. Friendly tests are defined exactly as in his famous book, except that internal actions are not owed. However, this restriction is not enough and we also have to relax the conditions to pass a test in order to obtain the desired notion of friendly testing. Thus we obtain a new testing semantics and a new preorder between processes which is strictly weaker than the relation vmust . As a consequence, a fully abstract denotational semantics can be obtained as a quotient algebra of the corresponding construction for the must semantics, and the addition to the complete axiomatization of the latter of a single conformance axiom, gives us a complete axiomatization of our friendly testing semantics.

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