Parametric characterization of the spatial structure of non-uniformly polarized laser beams



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Piquero Sanz, Gemma María and Mejías López, Jesús Ángel and Martínez Herrero, Rosario and Movilla Serrano, Jesús María (2002) Parametric characterization of the spatial structure of non-uniformly polarized laser beams. Progress in Quantum Electronics, 26 (2). pp. 65-130. ISSN 0079-6727

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We present an approach for describing the spatial structure of partially polarized light fields. Unlike the treatments usually encountered in the literature, in which the polarization state is represented by position-dependent functions, the formalism shown here characterizes the polarization by means of a family of measurable overall parameters averaged over the transverse spatial region where the beam intensity reaches significant values. Generalized degrees of polarization are introduced to evaluate the uniformity of the spatial distribution of the polarization state of the beam-like field. The possibility of improvement and optimization of the quality of a polarized laser beam (understood as the general usefulness of such field for collimation and focussing) is analyzed by employing first-order optical systems. Finally, attention is briefly devoted to non-paraxial electromagnetic vector beams, whose Parametric description of their polarization properties constitutes, at present, a challenge for theoreticians.

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The research work leading to this paper was supported by the Ministerio de Educación y Cultura of Spain, Projects PB97-0295 and BFM 2001–1356, within the framework of EUREKA projects EU-1269 and EU-2359. The curves plotted in Figs. 26 and 27 were numerically computed by Drs. S. Bosch and A. Carnicer. We would also like to thank Prof. H. Weber, Mr. A. Vázquez and Mr. G. Mann from the Optisches Institut at the Technische Universität in Berlin for their continuous interest and support all along the experimental work described in Section 5.4. We are also grateful to Dr. J. Serna for helpful discussions and for his assistance in the preparation of this manuscript. One of the authors (G.P.) wishes to thank Prof. F. Gori, Dr. M. Santarsiero and Dr. R. Borghi for helpful discussions concerning PGSM sources.

Uncontrolled Keywords:Partially Coherent Beams, Schell-Model Beams, Electromagnetic Beams, Quality Degradation, Gaussian Beams, Phase Plates, Birefringent Elements, Semiconductor-Laser, Kurtosis Parameter, Maxwells Equations
Subjects:Sciences > Physics > Optics
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