Upper Bathonian ammonites of the Catalan Basin (Tivissa and Cap Salou, Spain)



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Fernández López, Sixto Rafael (2001) Upper Bathonian ammonites of the Catalan Basin (Tivissa and Cap Salou, Spain). Hantkeniana, 3 . pp. 25-39. ISSN 1219-3933

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The two ammonite successions described in the present paper represent an unusually
complete sequence of Upper Bathonian deposits. Ammonites of the Upper Bathonian from
Tivissa and Cap Salou (province of Tarragona), two localities of the Catalan Basin, allow to
recognize several bio- and chronostratigraphic units commonly missing in the Iberian Basin. The
Retrocostatum and Angulicostatum zones (Upper Bathonian) and the lowermost Bullatus Zone
(Lower Callovian) established for Submediterranean areas of Europe can be identified in the
Catalan Basin. Epistrenoceras and Parapatoceras are common in certain levels. Phylloceratina
and Lytoceratina are virtually absent. Two specimens of Upper Bathonian Clydoniceratinae have
been identified. However, the Discus Zone established for NW European areas of the Subboreal
Province has not been recognized. The ammonite fossil assemblages of the Catalan Basin are
composed by Submediterranean taxa during the Late Bathonian - Early Callovian interval.

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