Light 'Higgs', yet strong interactions



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Llanes Estrada, Felipe José and Dobado González, Antonio and Delgado López, Rafael (2014) Light 'Higgs', yet strong interactions. Journal of Physics G-Nuclear and Particle Physics, 41 (2). ISSN 0954-3899

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The claimed finding of a light Higgs boson makes the minimal Standard Model unitary. Yet, we recall that the general low-energy dynamics for the minimal electroweak symmetry breaking sector with three Goldstone bosons and one light scalar is not so. We construct the effective Lagrangian for these four particles and their scattering amplitudes, that can be extracted from LHC experiments when longitudinal W, Z modes be properly isolated for E >> M-W (equivalence theorem). We then observe the known increase in interaction strength with energy and explore various unitarization methods in the literature in the absence of other new physics (as LHC experiments fail to report anything up to 600 GeV). Our generic conclusion is that for most of parameter space the high-energy scattering of the longitudinal W's is strongly interacting (with the Minimal Standard Model a remarkable exception). We find and study a second sigma-like scalar pole of the WLWL amplitude

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FJLE thanks the hospitality of the NEXT institute and the high energy group at the University of Southampton, ADG thanks the CERN-TH, and both the hospitality of the ECT* at Trento during the final stages of this work. This work was supported by Spanish grant FPA2011- 27853-C02-01 and by the grant BES-2012-056054 that supports RDL.

Uncontrolled Keywords:Parameters, Scattering-Amplitude, Technicolor Theories, Equivalence Theorem, Vacuum Misalignment, Weak Interactions
Subjects:Sciences > Physics
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