Femtosecond spectral pulse shaping with holographic gratings recorded in photopolymerizable glasses



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Martínez Matos, Óscar and Hernández Garay, María de la Paz and González Izquierdo, Jesús and Calvo Padilla, María Luisa and Vaveliuk, Pablo and Cheben, Pavel and Bañares Morcillo, Luis (2011) Femtosecond spectral pulse shaping with holographic gratings recorded in photopolymerizable glasses. Optics Express, 19 (2). pp. 1516-1527. ISSN 1094-4087

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Official URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.1364/OE.19.001516


The majority of the applications of ultrashort laser pulses require a control of its spectral bandwidth. In this paper we show the capability of volume phase holographic gratings recorded in photopolymerizable glasses for spectral pulse reshaping of ultrashort laser pulses originated in an Amplified Ti: Sapphire laser system and its second harmonic. Gratings with high laser induce damage threshold (LIDT) allowing wide spectral bandwidth operability satisfy these demands. We have performed LIDT testing in the photopolymerizable glass showing that the sample remains unaltered after more than 10 million pulses with 0,75 TW/cm^2 at 1 KHz repetition rate. Furthermore, it has been developed a theoretical model, as an extension of the Kogelnik's theory, providing key gratings design for bandwidth operability. The main features of the diffracted beams are in agreement with the model, showing that non-linear effects are negligible in this material up to the fluence threshold for laser induced damage. The high versatility of the grating design along with the excellent LIDT indicates that this material is a promising candidate for ultrashort laser pulses manipulations.

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We thank J. A. Rodrigo and R. Weigand for helpful discussions. The financial support of the Spanish Ministry of Innovation and Science, under grant TEC2008-1045 is acknowledged. One of us (M.P. Hernandez-Garay) acknowledges the MAEC-AECID (Spain) and CONACyT (Mexico) grants, P. Vaveliuk is grateful to CNPq (Brazilian federal grant agency) for financial support. We thank to Chemical Reaction Dynamics and Femtochemistry Group: J. G. Izquierdo and L. Bañares (Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICINN) through Grant CTQ2008-02578/BQU, and Consolider SAUUL CSD2007-00013). Finally, the authors gratefully the reviewers’s suggestions.

Uncontrolled Keywords:Laser-Induced Breakdown, Transparent Materials, Damage Threshold, Efficiency, Bragg
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