Cosmological evolution in vector-tensor theories of gravity



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López Maroto, Antonio and Beltrán Jiménez, José (2009) Cosmological evolution in vector-tensor theories of gravity. Physical Review D, 80 (6). ISSN 550-7998

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We present a detailed study of the cosmological evolution in general vector-tensor theories of gravity without potential terms. We consider the evolution of the vector field throughout the expansion history of the Universe and carry out a classification of models according to the behavior of the vector field in each cosmological epoch. We also analyze the case in which the Universe is dominated by the vector field, performing a complete analysis of the system phase map and identifying those attracting solutions which give rise to accelerated expansion. Moreover, we consider the evolution in a universe filled with a pressureless fluid in addition to the vector field and study the existence of attractors in which we can have a transition from matter domination to vector domination with accelerated expansion so that the vector field may play the role of dark energy. We find that the existence of solutions with late-time accelerated expansion is a generic prediction of vector tensor theories and that such solutions typically lead to the presence of future singularities. Finally, limits from local gravity tests are used to get constraints on the value of the vector field at small (Solar System) scales.

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This work has been supported by Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovacion (Spain) Project Nos. FIS 2008-01323 and FPA 2008 00592, UCM-Santander PR34/07-15875, and UCM-BSCH GR58/08910309 and MEC Grant No. BES-200612059.

Uncontrolled Keywords:Preferred-Frame Theories, Probe Wmap Observations, Equation of-State, Dark Energy, Relativistic Gravity, Conservation Laws, Constraints, Supernovae, Inflation, Space
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