Morphology and environment of galaxies with disc breaks in the S^4G and NIRS0S



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Gil de Paz, Armando (2014) Morphology and environment of galaxies with disc breaks in the S^4G and NIRS0S. Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 441 (3). pp. 1992-2012. ISSN 0035-8711

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We study the surface brightness profiles of disc galaxies in the 3.6 µm images from the Spitzer Survey of Stellar Structure in Galaxies (S^4G) and K_s-band images from the Near Infrared S0-Sa galaxy Survey (NIRS0S). We particularly connect properties of single exponential (type I), downbending double exponential (type II), and upbending double exponential (type III) disc profile types, to structural components of galaxies by using detailed morphological classifications, and size measurements of rings and lenses. We also study how the local environment of the galaxies affects the profile types by calculating parameters describing the environmental density and the tidal interaction strength. We find that in majority of type II profiles the break radius is connected with structural components such as rings, lenses, and spirals. The exponential disc sections of all three profile types, when considered separately, follow the disc scaling relations. However, the outer discs of type II, and the inner discs of type III, are similar in scalelength to the single exponential discs. Although the different profile types have similar mean environmental parameters, the scalelengths of the type III profiles show a positive correlation with the tidal interaction strength.

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© 2014 RAS, MNRAS. We thank the referee for comments that have significantly improved the manuscript. The authors wish to thank the entire S4G team for their efforts with this project. J.L. gratefully acknowledges financial support from the Vilho, Yrjö ja Kalle V¨aisälä foundation of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters. J.L, E.L, H.S, and S.C acknowledge the support from Academy of Finland. E.A. and A.B. acknowledge the CNES (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales - France) for fi-nancial support. We acknowledge financial support from the People Programme (Marie Curie Actions) of the European Union’s FP7 2007-2013 to the DAGAL network under REA grant agreement number PITN-GA-2011-289313. This research is based in part on observations made with the Spitzer Space Telescope, which is operated by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology under a contract with NASA. We are grateful to the dedicated staff at the Spitzer Science Center for their help and support in planning and execution of this Exploration Science program. We also gratefully acknowledge support from NASA JPL/Spitzer grant RSA 1374189 provided for the S4G project. This research has made use of the NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database (NED) which is operated by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, under contract with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. This research has made use of SAOImage DS9, developed by Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory

Uncontrolled Keywords:Galaxies: formation; Galaxies: structure; Galaxies: evolution; Galaxies: photometry; Galaxies: interactions
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