Radiation effects on CMOS R/2R ladder digital-to-analog converters



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Franco Peláez, Francisco Javier and Lozano Rogado, Jesús and Agapito Serrano, Juan Andrés (2003) Radiation effects on CMOS R/2R ladder digital-to-analog converters. In Proceedings of the 7th European Conference on Radiation and Its Effects on Components and Systems, 2003, RADECS 2003. European Space Agency -Publications- ESA Sp (536). ESA Publications Division, Noordwijk aan Zee (The Netherlands), pp. 571-578. ISBN 92-9092-846-8

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Official URL: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/articleDetails.jsp?tp=&arnumber=1442541


The behaviour of CMOS R/2R ladder D/A converters when they are irradiated simultaneously with gamma and neutron radiation is described. The converters suffer an increase of the offset error and a reduction of the linearity because of the malfunction of the internal CMOS switches and the appearance of leakage currents. The effective inputs become "1" whatever the actual input is. No evidence of neutron damage was found.

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ISSN: 0379-6566

Radiation Effects on Components and Systems (RADECS 2003) (7. 2003. Noordwijk, Holanda)

This work was supported by the cooperation agreement K476LHC between CERN & UCM, by the Spanish research agency ClCYT (FPA2002- 009l2), partially supported by ITN and by the private foundation "Migel Casado San José"

Uncontrolled Keywords:CMOS technology; Digital-analog conversion; Helium; Large hadron collider; Neutrons; Physics; Radiation effects; Resistors; Testing; Voltage; Accelerators; CMOS technology; D/A converters; NIEL; TID
Subjects:Sciences > Physics > Electronics
Sciences > Physics > Radioactivity
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