Small polaron hopping in spinel manganates



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Schmidt, Rainer and Basu, A. and Brinkman, A.W. (2005) Small polaron hopping in spinel manganates. Physical review B, 72 (11). ISSN 1098-0121

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The temperature dependence of small polaron hopping conduction in ceramic spinel NiMn_(2)O_(4+δ) thermistor material has been investigated. We used a theoretical framework based on a random resistor network model to describe small polaron nearest-neighbor hopping (NNH) and variable range hopping (VRH), following the principles of Shklovskii and Efros. We find that in printed thick films and in pressed pellets resistivity is described best by a VRH model of the form ρ~T^(2p) exp(T_(0)/T)^(p), whereas in thin NiMn_(2)O_(4+δ) films resistivity is better described by NNH, ρ~T exp(T_(0)/T). Steady state dc resistance vs temperature measurements for NiMn_(2)O_(4+δ) thick films, thin films, and pellets have been carried out and the parameters p and T_(0) determined. For thick films p was found to be ~0.5, indicating VRH with an approximately parabolic distribution of the density of states (DOS) around Fermi level. For pellets p was ~0.65, and in thin films ~1 indicating NNH. The increase of p was interpreted as an increase of disorder in the system, leading to strong electron localization effects and narrowing Mn^(3+)/Mn^(4+) bandwidth. In thick films and pellets the DOS was determined by a parametrization related to the p value, giving 10^(20)– 10^(21) eV^(−1) cm^(−3). The characteristic temperature T_(0) was in the range of 2X10^(5) K in thick films, 3X10^(4) K in pellets, and 5X10^(3) K in thin films.

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© 2005 The American Physical Society. The authors wish to thank A. Roosen and A. Stiegelschmitt for guidance developing screen-printing procedures. Thanks to Z. Klusek and P. K. Datta for carrying out STM/STS measurements, thanks to J. Evans for allowing use of the XRD facilities. Thanks for valuable discussions with A. Feltz, G. Döhler, I. Terry, G. Ashcroft, and T. Hashemi. One of the authors (A.B.) would like to acknowledge financial support from the Overseas Research Scholarship (ORS) scheme and the University of Durham.

Uncontrolled Keywords:Mixed-valence manganites; Nickel manganite; Cation distribution; Thermistors; NiMn2O4; Conductivity; Diffraction; Films.
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