Unexpected allergenic 11S globulin (Act d 12) and 2S albumin (Act d 13) from kiwi seeds as novel masked relevant components in kiwifruit allergy



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Sirvent, Sofia and Cantó, Belén and Cuesta-Herranz, Javier and Gómez, Francisca and Canto, Gabriela and Blanca, Natalia and Rodríguez, Rosalía and Villalba, Mayte and Palomares, Oscar (2014) Unexpected allergenic 11S globulin (Act d 12) and 2S albumin (Act d 13) from kiwi seeds as novel masked relevant components in kiwifruit allergy. The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Inmunology, 133 (6). pp. 1765-1767. ISSN 0091-6749

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Background: Kiwifruit is a common cause of IgE-mediated food allergy. Component-resolved diagnosis of kiwifruit allergy suggests that relevant allergenic components are still undiscovered. The presence of allergens in kiwi seeds has not been investigated in detail so far.
Objective: To increase the diagnostic sensitivity of kiwifruit allergy by identifying new allergens that might have been masked due to their specific location in seeds.
Methods: Fifty-five kiwifruit allergic patients were included in the study. Immunoblotting, proteomic tools and Edman degradation were used to identify and purify IgE-reactive proteins from kiwi seeds. Circular dichroism, mass spectrometry, immunoblotting, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, skin prick test and IgE-inhibition experiments were used for structural and immunological characterization of purified allergens.
Results: Two novel allergens, an 11S globulin (Act d 12) and a 2S albumin (Act d 13) have been identified and purified from kiwi seeds. Both purified molecules display the typical structural features reported for other members of their corresponding protein families. Act d 12 and Act d 13 retain IgEbinding capacity and are recognized by 70.9 % and 18.2 %, respectively, of the tested kiwifruit allergic patients. Both purified allergens show in vivo allergenicity and display in vitro IgE-cross reactivity with homologous counterparts from peanut and tree nuts.
Conclusion: The identifica tion of 11S globulin Act d 12 and 2S albumin Act d 13 as novel relevant allergens from kiwi seeds and their availability as well-defined molecules might contribute to improve the diagnosis of kiwifruit allergy.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:food allergy, kiwifruit allergy, kiwi seeds, allergen, 11S globulin, 2S albumin, Act d 12, Act d 13, component-resolved diagnosis, cross-reactivity
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