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Evolution along the sequence of S0 Hubble types induced by dry minor mergers I. Global bulge-to-disk structural relations



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Eliche Moral, María del Carmen and González García, A. C. and Aguerri, J. A. L. and Gallego Maestro, Jesús and Zamorano Calvo, Jaime and Balcells, M. and Prieto, M. (2012) Evolution along the sequence of S0 Hubble types induced by dry minor mergers I. Global bulge-to-disk structural relations. Astronomy and astrophysics, 547 . ISSN 0004-6361

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Official URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.1051/0004-6361/201118711


Context. Recent studies have argued that galaxy mergers are not important drivers for the evolution of S0's, on the basis that mergers cannot preserve the coupling between the bulge and disk scale-lengths observed in these galaxies and the lack of correlation of their ratio with the S0 Hubble type. However, about 70% of present-day S0's reside in groups, an environment where mergers and tidal interactions dominate galaxy evolution. Aims. We investigate whether the remnants resulting from collision-less N-body simulations of intermediate and minor mergers onto S0 galaxies evolve fulfilling global structural relations observed between the bulges and disks of these galaxies. Methods. Different initial bulge-to-disk ratios of the primary S0 have been considered, as well as different satellite densities, mass ratios, and orbits of the encounter. We have analysed the final morphology of the remnants in images simulating the typical observing conditions of S0 surveys. We derive bulge+disk decompositions of the final remnants to compare their global bulge-to-disk structure with observations. Results. We show that all remnants present undisturbed S0 morphologies according to the prescriptions of specialized surveys. The dry intermediate and minor mergers induce noticeable bulge growth (S0c --> S0b and S0b --> S0a), but affect negligibly to the bulge and disk scale-lengths. Therefore, if a coupling between these two components exists prior to the merger, the encounter does not break this coupling. This fact provides a simple explanation for the lack of correlation between the ratio of bulge and disk scale-lengths and the S0 Hubble type reported by observations. Conclusions. These models prove that dry intermediate and minor mergers can induce global structural evolution within the sequence of S0 Hubble types compatible with observations, meaning that these processes should not be discarded from the evolutionary scenarios of S0's just on the basis of the strong coupling observed between the bulge and disk scale-lengths in these galaxies.

Item Type:Article
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© ESO 2012. The authors thank the anonymous referee for the provided input that helped to improve this publication significantly. We also thank Olga Sil'chenko for stimulating the present study, as well as Peter Erwin and Miguel Querejeta for interesting and useful comments. Supported by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICINN) under projects AYA2009-10368, AYA2006-12955, AYA2010-21887-C04-04, and AYA2009-11137, and by the Madrid Regional Government through the AstroMadrid Project (CAM S2009/ESP-1496, http://www.laeff.cab.inta-csic.es/projects/astromadrid/main/index.php). Funded by the Spanish MICINN under the Consolider-Ingenio 2010 Program grant CSD2006-00070: "First Science with the GTC" (http://www.iac.es/consolider-ingenio-gtc/). ACGG is a Ramón y Cajal Fellow of the Spanish MICINN. This research is based in part on services provided by the GAVO data center. It has made use of the NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database (NED) which is operated by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, under contract with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. S. D. H. & G.

Uncontrolled Keywords:Early-type galaxies; Morphology-density relation; Secular evolution; Spiral galaxies; Barred galaxies; Star-formation; Elliptic galaxies; Scaling relations; Galactic bulges; Lenticular galaxies
Subjects:Sciences > Physics > Astrophysics
Sciences > Physics > Astronomy
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