Patrones electromiográficos de pacientes desdentados totales rehabilitados con sobredentaduras implantorretenidas



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Barrio Monte, Pamela R. (2016) Patrones electromiográficos de pacientes desdentados totales rehabilitados con sobredentaduras implantorretenidas. [Thesis]

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Geriatric dentistry developed as a consequence of world population aging and has contributed to improve the quality of life of elderly individuals by both preventive and curative measures. Elderly people who are edentulous or use dentures that are worn out or inappropriately adjusted may have functional limitations, such as chewing difficulties. Due to such limitations, these individuals may limit their food choices to those that they find easier to chew. In addition to reducing their eating pleasure, this change in feeding may compromise their overall health, since they often choose foods that have less fiber and are of low nutritional value. Aging has different effects on the organs and systems of each human being. In the oral cavity, it appears to have a great influence and may reduce chewing efficiency due to either tooth loss and/or bad conditions of remaining teeth, which results in difficulties in eating appropriately. The aging process produces a typical structural deterioration of the estomatognatic system as well as muscles and nerves throughout the entire body. In case of tooth loss, parts of the mandibular bone are reabsorbed and the oral mucosa loses its morphological characteristics, the muscular fibers become atrophic, a great part of motor neurons and their receptors are lost, and there is also a reduction of neurotransmitters. As age advances, sensory functions, including taste, smell, and touch (for texture and temperature) become less precise. Studies of mandibular masticatory movements have shown there is a reduction in vertical development during the chewing cycle in elderly individuals, complete denture wearers, when compared to dentate individuals. Karlsson and Carlsson attributed this differences to several factors such as volume reduction in masticatory muscles, poor neuromotor coordination, and energy reduction in muscle cells...

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Tesis inédita de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid de la Facultad de Odontología del Departamento de Estomatología I, leída el 18-12-2015

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