Sociología y drogodependencia: la mirada ténica en la intervención social. Fundamentos para la constitución de una sociología de las drogodependencias



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Marrón Abascal, Jorge (2016) Sociología y drogodependencia: la mirada ténica en la intervención social. Fundamentos para la constitución de una sociología de las drogodependencias. [Thesis]

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Almost thirty years have passed since the City Council of Madrid approved the first Municipal Plan against Drugs, thus laying the foundations of the current commitment to offer assistance to drug addicts. A Service that has been continuously growing (in funding), maturing (in organizations) and diversifying (in actions) during these decades, in the same manner as the scenario in which these actions are deployed has been evolving. But, what can be said today about the status of drugaddiction intervention? This study adopts a sociological approach that starts with and is focused on what has been defined as the hegemonic vision on drug addiction, with the aim of studying (precisely and progressively) the different and most widely accepted theoretical-practical developments and to understand how certain conceptions or positions determine the form of this social fact. Therefore, the main objective of this study is to understand and evaluate the performative effects of certain practices, techniques and professionals on defining and addressing a reality that is in question and/or in conflict, as a social problem. In addition, this study is focused on identifying a series of fundamental elements to address what is understood as the state of the issue of drug addiction in depth (discourse of drugs Vs. discourse on drugs) in order to offer a series of sociological questions and insights to focus attention onto this reality. For this purpose, once its intentions have been defined and due to the social nature of the object under study, the present research deploys qualitative methodology as a tool for approximation, delimiting the scope that professional technicians assume regarding the issue in question as well as their own professional practices within their organizations. Thus, we have contacted certain public as well as non-governmental organizations with long-term experience in drug addiction, so as to find out first hand, in addition to their writings, the different meanings they find in the performance of their specific practice (micro) as well as the framework within which their practice is defined and materialised (macro) on a population defined or characterised by (drug) addiction...

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Tesis inédita de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Facultad de Ciencias Políticas y Sociología, Departamento de Sociología V (Teoría Sociológica), leída el 26-11-2015

Domínguez Sánchez-Pinilla, Mario
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Social sciences > Sociology > Drug addiction
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