Relaciones y prácticas que cambian la realidad alimenticia: una aproximación desde la antropología ecológica y feminista



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López Matarín, Encarnación (2016) Relaciones y prácticas que cambian la realidad alimenticia: una aproximación desde la antropología ecológica y feminista. [Thesis]

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From the 1990s, through the first decade of the XXI century, the food industry has intensified its production in technologically and genetically sophisticated ways. It has introduced transgenic and genetically modified foods, taking into account an economical push to obtain higher quantities in less time. Today, the foods that we consume seem more like products created in a laboratory than ones that come from working directly with the earth and with animals. These changes in the food industry are just a part of a long and complicated story in which economical interests figure heavily. The single-crop farming era begins in the 1970s in The United States and Europe. In some regions in Spain having a strong agricultural tradition, small private and family-owned farms that provided food to surrounding populations started disappearing, being uprooted in favor of the creation of large, multi-national companies. The market would expand with the growth of production facilities housing large quantities of animals living numbered and crowded. They mainly house cows, chickens, and pigs from which we obtain different products like milk, eggs and meat. The way these “industrial animals” live today does not even come close to what we think of as a balanced ecosystem, seeing as they are surrounded by machines and by the general use of sophisticated techniques to achieve the best return possible...

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Tesis inédita de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Facultad de Ciencias Políticas y Sociología, Departamento de Antropología Social, leída el 23-11-2015

Santamarina Campos, Beatriz
Rivera Garretas, María Milagros
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Subjects:Social sciences > Sociology > Ecology
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