La evolución de los periódicos digitales frente a los convencionales como soporte publicitario



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Solís Baena, Jorge (2016) La evolución de los periódicos digitales frente a los convencionales como soporte publicitario. [Thesis]

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Research performed in this thesis studies the growth and evolution of advertising investment in digital media compared to traditional printed media, in particular daily newspapers. By means of advertising inserts in printed newspaper and online newspapers, the study’s objective was to confirm that digital media consolidate as an advertising platform. Throughout this study we used different quantitative and qualitative tools to demonstrate the starting hypothesis of this thesis. We used a combined methodology that included: a) joint analysis of printed newspaper “El Mundo” and online newspaper “” advertising content; b) analysis of advertising investment state-of-the-art; c) deep interviews to different media professionals, including advertisers, publicists, media planning, and researchers. A comparative study between the printed newspaper “El Mundo” and the online newspaper “” supported the analysis of contents in a realistic situation. Therefore a deep study of advertising inserts in both the printed and online version of “El Mundo” was performed. The main goal of this work was to show how advertising invesment is moving from traditional printed media to digital media The results of this study reveal that investment in digital media increases, meanwhile investment reduces in traditional media. At the same time, new reading habits along with technological innovation attracts readers to digital platforms. As a consequence, traditional printed newspapers have the immediate need to somehow engage online-newspaper readers into printed platforms. Hence, many advertisers already invest large sums of money in digital media, with marketing strategies and plans focused to online advertising campaigns in Internet. It is also true that in recent years printed and online media stopped “fighting”, which lead to the possibility of joint marketing and communication strategies between the aforementioned digital and online media. This research has different implications, one of them is that printed media seems to be a bussiness model which needs to be reinvented to adapt itself to the media’s current situation in order to be profitable and not to disappear. On the other hand, digital media must have a well-defined strategy with concrete and viable goals in online investment. Finally, it is important that new readers are taken into account by newspapers, this is: new readers mostly use digital platforms, thus interaction between readers and newspapers is much different than what it used to be when only printed newspapers existed. Media must go and be where the new reader is.

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Tesis inédita de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Facultad de Ciencias de la Información, Departamento de Comunicación Audiovisual y Publicidad I, leída el 01-02-2016

Álvarez Ruiz, Antón
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