Estudio en aves silvestres de canto ("Passeriformes") de las moléculas MHC y reclasificación molecular de la familia "Carduelini"
Study of MHC molecules in wild songbirds (Passeriformes) and molecular reclassification of Carduelini family



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Areces Viña, Cristina (2016) Estudio en aves silvestres de canto ("Passeriformes") de las moléculas MHC y reclasificación molecular de la familia "Carduelini". [Thesis]

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The Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) comprises the most polymorphic loci in animals. MHC plays an important role during the first steps of the immune response in vertebrates. In humans, MHC molecules (also named human leukocyte antigens, HLA) were initially regarded as class I or class II molecules. Each of them, presents to different T cells subsets. MHC class I molecules, are heterodimers in which the heavy chain (alpha) has three extracellular domains, two of which (alpha 1 and alpha 2) are polymorphic and conform the antigen recognition sites (ARS). The ARS is thought to be subjected to balancing selection for variability, which is the cause of the very high polymorphism of the MHC molecules. Different pathogenic epitopes would be the evolutionary force causing balancing selection. MHC class I genes have been completely sequenced (α1 and α2 protein domains) and thoroughly studied in Gallus gallus (chicken) as well as in mammals. In fact, the MHC locus was first defined in chicken, specifically in the highly consanguineous variety „Leghorn‟. It has been found that, in the case of chickens the MHC genetic region is considerably smaller than it is in mammals (remarkably shorter introns were found in chickens), and is organized quite differently. The noteworthy presence of short introns in chickens; supported the hypothesis that chicken‟s MHC represented a „minimal essential MHC‟. Until now, it has been assumed that chicken (order Galliformes) MHC was similar to all species included in the whole class Aves...

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Tesis inédita de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Facultad de Medicina, Departamento de Microbiología I, leída el 22/09/2015

Arnaiz Villena, Antonio
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