Coulomb dissociation of N-20,N-21



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Fraile Prieto, Luis Mario (2016) Coulomb dissociation of N-20,N-21. Physical review C, 93 (6). ISSN 2469-9985

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Neutron-rich light nuclei and their reactions play an important role in the creation of chemical elements. Here, data from a Coulomb dissociation experiment on N-20,N-21 are reported. Relativistic N-20,N-21 ions impinged on a lead target and the Coulomb dissociation cross section was determined in a kinematically complete experiment. Using the detailed balance theorem, the N-19(n,gamma)N-20 and N-20(n,gamma)N-21 excitation functions and thermonuclear reaction rates have been determined. The N-19(n,gamma)N-20 rate is up to a factor of 5 higher at T < 1 GK with respect to previous theoretical calculations, leading to a 10% decrease in the predicted fluorine abundance.

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This work was supported in part by GSI (F&E, DR-ZUBE), Bundesministerium fur Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) (06DR134I, 05P09CRFN5, 05P12RDFN8, and 05P15RDFN1), the Hemholtz Association Germany through the Nuclear Astrophysics Virtual Institute (NAVI, Grant No. VH-VI-417), the Helmholtz Association Detector Technology and Systems Platform, the Spanish Research funding agency under projects FPA2012-32443, FPA2013-41267-P, and FPA2013-47831-C2-1-P, the Swedish Research Council, HIC for FAIR and the TU Darmstadt-GSI cooperation contract, the Portuguese FCT project PTDC/FIS/103902/2008, UK STFC under grants ST/E500651/1 and ST/F011989/1, US NSF Grant No. 1415656, and US DOE Grant No. DE-FG02-08ER41533.

Uncontrolled Keywords:R-Process nucleosynthesis; Relativistic heavy ions; References; Detector; Elements; Nuclei; Graphs; Tables; Stars; Light.
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