On the size of the fibers of spectral maps induced by semialgebraic embeddings



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Fernando Galvan, Fosé Francisco (2016) On the size of the fibers of spectral maps induced by semialgebraic embeddings. Mathematische Nachrichten . ISSN 0025584X (In Press)

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Let S(M) be the ring of (continuous) semialgebraic functions on a semialgebraic set M and S*(M) its subring of bounded semialgebraic functions. In this work we compute the size of the fibers of the spectral maps Spec(j)1:Spec(S(N))→Spec(S(M)) and Spec(j)2:Spec(S*(N))→Spec(S*(M)) induced by the inclusion j:N M of a semialgebraic subset N of M. The ring S(M) can be understood as the localization of S*(M) at the multiplicative subset WM of those bounded semialgebraic functions on M with empty zero set. This provides a natural inclusion iM:Spec(S(M)) Spec(S*(M)) that reduces both problems above to an analysis of the fibers of the spectral map Spec(j)2:Spec(S*(N))→Spec(S*(M)). If we denote Z:=ClSpec(S*(M))(M N), it holds that the restriction map Spec(j)2|:Spec(S*(N)) Spec(j)2-1(Z)→Spec(S*(M)) Z is a homeomorphism. Our problem concentrates on the computation of the size of the fibers of Spec(j)2 at the points of Z. The size of the fibers of prime ideals "close" to the complement Y:=M N provides valuable information concerning how N is immersed inside M. If N is dense in M, the map Spec(j)2 is surjective and the generic fiber of a prime ideal p∈Z contains infinitely many elements. However, finite fibers may also appear and we provide a criterium to decide when the fiber Spec(j)2-1(p) is a finite set for p∈Z. If such is the case, our procedure allows us to compute the size s of Spec(j)2-1(p). If in addition N is locally compact and M is pure dimensional, s coincides with the number of minimal prime ideals contained in p. © 2016 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

Item Type:Article
Uncontrolled Keywords:Semialgebraic set; Semialgebraic function; Zariski spectrum; Spectral map; Sa-tuple; Suitably arranged sa-tuple, singleton fiber, finite fiber, infinite fiber
Subjects:Sciences > Mathematics > Algebraic geometry
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