Los proverbios de animales en árabe clásico: análisis, estudio comparativo y equivalencias en español



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Snousi Abdalla, Snousi Amer (2016) Los proverbios de animales en árabe clásico: análisis, estudio comparativo y equivalencias en español. [Thesis]

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This study entitled «Classical Arabic proverbs: analysis, comparative study and equivalence in Spanish», aims on one hand, to display the multiple problems we face when translating proverbs between Arabic and Spanish, and on the other hand, offers an updated check up of the proverbs uses as well as an analysis of the equivalence between proverbs. It was an arduous task looking for reference works which were of interest to our research both in Arabic and Spanish. We consulted many references but if we were to cite the most important ones, we would talk about works such as Magma alamtal by al-Maydani, which constituted the base we relied on in the analytical part of our work. Also of interest was Hayatu Al-Hayauani l-al-Kubra, from ad-Dummayri and his other work Mungid al-lugati w al-a'lam; as well as Ğamharat al-amtal by Abū Hilāl Al-‘Askarī and Ğamharat al-amtal al-baġdadiyya by‘Abd ar-Rahman Tikritī. As for the references in Spanish, we relied on Martinez Kleiseŕs Ideological General Spanish Proverbs; as well as 1001 Spanish sayings and their correspondence in eight languages from Julia Seville Muñoz and Ortiz de Urbina; also, Introduction to the study of fixed expressions by Julio Casares; Vocabulary of proverbs and proverbial phrases (1627-2000) by G. Correas; Dictionnary of sayings by Campos and Barella; the famous The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha by Miguel de Cervantes; the work of Sebastián Orozco de Covarrubias Treasure of Castilian Spanish; as well as Sayings and Proverbs in Romance from Hernán Núñez; or Over 21,000 Castilian Sayings not contained in the Large Collection of the Master Gonzalo Correas by Rodriguez Marín. Our work covered two main levels: a descriptive empirical area that included a historical approach with a definition of the different terms related to the proverbs used in our study. The other level is analytical which, besides holding our personal stamp, has been executed through a rigorous study of the three major aspects of our research: analysis, translation and equivalence of the proverb. We started by making a brief description of the empirical part we have divided into several sections, each devoted to the study of one particular aspect...

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Tesis inédita de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Facultad de Filología, Departamento de Lengua Española y Teoría de la Literatura y Literatura Comparada, leída el 04-12-2015

Cervera Rodríguez, Ángel
Ould Mohamed Baba, Ahmed Salem
Uncontrolled Keywords:Refranes y proverbios árabes
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Humanities > Philology > Arabic philology
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