Synthesis and Optoelectronic Properties of Chemically Modified Bifluorenylidenes.



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Wielopolski, Mateusz and Marszalek, Magdalena and Brunetti, Fulvio G. and Joly, Damien and Calbo, Joaquín and Aragó, Juan and Moser, Jacques-E. and Humphry-Baker, Robin and Zakeeruddin, Shaik M. and Delgado, Juan Luis and Grätzel, Michael and Ortí, Enrique and Martín, Nazario (2016) Synthesis and Optoelectronic Properties of Chemically Modified Bifluorenylidenes. Journal of materials chemistry C, 4 (17). pp. 3798-3808. ISSN 2050-7526

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The development of new light harvesting materials is a key issue for the progress of the research on organic & hybrid photovoltaics. Here, we report a new class of organic sensitizers based on the bi-fluorenylidene moiety as π-linker within the donor–π-linker–acceptor (D–π–A) scheme. The new dyes are endowed with electron donor and electron acceptor units at strategic positions in order to improve their electronic and light-harvesting properties.The comprehensive study of these compounds through the use of different experimental and theoretical techniques, provides an in-depth 15 understanding of their electronic and photophysical properties, and reveal their interest as photovoltaic materials.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Chemically modified; Hybrid photovoltaics; In-depth understanding; Light harvesting properties; Optoelectronic properties; Photophysical properties; Photovoltaic materials; Theoretical technique
Subjects:Sciences > Chemistry > Chemistry, Organic
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