Increased epithelial-free areas in thymuses with altered EphB-mediated thymocyte–thymic epithelial cell interactions



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Garcia-Ceca Hernández, Javier and Montero Herradon, Sara and Alfaro Sánchez, David and Zapata González, Agustín (2017) Increased epithelial-free areas in thymuses with altered EphB-mediated thymocyte–thymic epithelial cell interactions. Histochemistry and Cell Biology . pp. 1-14. ISSN 0948-6143

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Epithelial-free areas, present in both thymic cortex and medulla, have been studied in WT and EphB-deficient mice that have important alterations in the development of thymic epithelium due to the lack of proper thymocyte–thymic epithelial cell interactions. In both WT and mutant thymuses, the number and size of epithelial-free areas are significantly larger in the medulla than in the cortex. The two parameters show a reverse correlation: low numbers of these areas course with large epithelial-free areas and vice versa. However, their structure and cell content are similar in mutant and WT thymuses. Cortical epithelial-free areas just contain DP thymocytes, while the medullary ones consist of SP cells, blood vessels, mesenchyme-derived ER-TR7+ cells and components of the extracellular matrix (i.e., collagen IV, fibronectin, laminin). Other components, such as desmin, αSMA, PDGFRβ and Ng2, frequently associated with blood vessel walls, also appear. Vimentin, although present in medullary epithelial-free areas, does not co-express with epithelial cells. Other markers related to epithelial–mesenchymal transitions, such as Snail, Slug or FSP1, are not expressed. These results suggest that alterations in the cell interactions between distinct thymic cell components that induce both increased proportions of apoptotic thymic epithelial cells and altered behavior of the mesenchyme associated with the medullary vasculature could explain the appearance of these areas and their differences in the cortex and medulla.

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