An explicit model for the inbreeding loadin the evolutionary analysis of selfing



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García Dorado García, Aurora (2017) An explicit model for the inbreeding loadin the evolutionary analysis of selfing. Evolution, 71 (5). pp. 1381-1389. ISSN 0014-3820, ESSN: 1558-5646

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I present analytical predictions for the equilibrium inbreeding load expected in a population under mutation, selection, anda regular mating system for any population size and for any magnitude and recessivity of the deleterious effects. Using thisprediction, I deduce the relative fitness of mutant alleles with small effect on selfing to explore the situations where selfing oroutcrossing are expected to evolve. The results obtained are in agreement with previous literature, showing that natural selectionis expected to lead to stable equilibria where populations show either complete outcrossing or complete selfing, and that selfingis promoted by large deleterious mutation rates. I find that the evolution of selfing is favored by a large recessivity of deleterious effects, while the magnitude of homozygous deleterious effects only becomes relevant in relatively small populations. This resultcontradicts the standard assumption that purging in large populations will only promote selfing when homozygous deleteriouseffects are large, and implies that previously published results obtained assuming lethal mutations in large populations can beextrapolated to nonlethal alleles of similar recessivity. This conclusion and the general approach used in this analysis can be usefulin the study of the evolution of mating systems.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Deleterious effect of mutations, effective population size, inbreeding depression, mating system, purging
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