Adiabatic invariants for the regular region of the Dicke model



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Bastarrachea Magnani A.; R, M. A. and Relaño Pérez, Armando and Lerma Hernández, S. and López del Carpio, B. and Chávez Carlos, J. and Hirsch, J. G. (2017) Adiabatic invariants for the regular region of the Dicke model. Journal of physics A: Mathematical and theoretical, 50 (14). ISSN 1751-8113

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Adiabatic invariants for the non-integrable Dicke model are introduced. They are shown to provide approximate second integrals of motion in the energy region where the system exhibits a regular dynamics. This low-energy region, present for any set of values of the Hamiltonian parameters is described both with a semiclassical and a full quantum analysis in a broad region of the parameter space. Peres lattices in this region exhibit that many observables vary smoothly with energy, along distinct lines which beg for a formal description. It is demonstrated how the adiabatic invariants provide a rationale to their presence in many cases. They are built employing the Born-Oppenheimer approximation, valid when a fast system is coupled to a much slower one. As the Dicke model has one bosonic and one fermionic degree of freedom, two versions of the approximation are used, depending on which one is the faster. In both cases a noticeably accord with exact numerical results is obtained. The employment of the adiabatic invariants provides a simple and clear theoretical framework to study the physical phenomenology associated to these regimes, far beyond the energies where a quadratic approximation around the minimal energy configuration can be used.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Superradiant phase-transition; No-go theorem; Numerical-solutions; Space quantization; Radiation-field; Quantum rabi; Lipkin model; Systems; Spin; Integrability
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