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β-Ga₂O₃ nanowires for an ultraviolet light selective frequency photodetector



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López, I. and Castaldini, A. and Cavallini, A. and Nogales Díaz, Emilio and Méndez Martín, Bianchi and Piqueras de Noriega, Javier (2014) β-Ga₂O₃ nanowires for an ultraviolet light selective frequency photodetector. Journal of physics D-aplied physics, 47 (41). ISSN 0022-3727

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Official URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.1088/0022-3727/47/41/415101


The behaviour of ß-Ga₂O₃ nanowires as photoconductive material in deep ultraviolet photodetectors to operate in the energy range 3.0-6.2 eV has been investigated. The nanowires were grown by a catalyst-free thermal evaporation method on gallium oxide substrates. Photocurrent measurements have been carried out on both undoped and Sn-doped Ga₂O₃ nanowires to evidence the influence of the dopant on the photodetector performances. The responsivity spectrum of single nanowires show maxima in the energy range 4.8-5.4 eV and a strong dependence on the pulse frequency of the excitation light has been observed for undoped nanowires. Our results show that the responsivity of beta- Ga₂O₃ nanowires can be controlled by tuning the chopper frequency of the excitation light and/ or by doping of the nanowires. Non-linear behavior in characteristic current-voltage curves has been observed for Ga₂O₃ : Sn nanowires. The mechanism leading to this behaviour has been discussed and related to space-charged-limited current effects. In addition, the responsivity achieved by doped nanowires at lower bias is higher than for undoped ones.

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This work has been supported by MINECO through Projects MAT 2012-31959 and Consolider CSD 2009-00013. IL acknowledges the mobility grant EEBB-I-13-05954.

Uncontrolled Keywords:Ga₂O₃ nanowires; Luminescence; Oxides; Sn
Subjects:Sciences > Physics > Materials
Sciences > Physics > Solid state physics
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