The SU(3) spin chain sigma model and string theory



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Hernández Redondo, Rafael and López, Esperanza (2004) The SU(3) spin chain sigma model and string theory. Journal of high energy physics, 4 . ISSN 1126-6708

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The ferromagnetic integrable SU(3) spin chain provides the one loop anomalous dimension of single trace operators involving the three complex scalars of N = 4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills. We construct the non-linear sigma model describing the continuum limit of the SU(3) spin chain. We find that this sigma model corresponds to a string moving with large angular momentum in the five-sphere in AdS5 × S 5 . The energy and spectrum of fluctuations for rotating circular strings with angular momenta along three orthogonal directions of the five-sphere is reproduced as a particular case from the spin chain sigma model.

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© SISSA/ISAS 2004. It is a pleasure to thank E. Álvarez, C. Gómez, K. Landsteiner, G. Sierra and M. Staudacher for useful discussions. R.H. acknowledges the financial support provided through the European Community’s Human Potential Programme under contract HPRN-CT-2000- 00131 “Quantum Structure of Space-time”, the Swiss Office for Education and Science and the Swiss National Science Foundation. The work of E.L. was supported in part by the Spanish DGI of the MCYT under contract FPA2003-04597.

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