Search for the ⁷³Gaground-state doublet splitting in the β decay of ⁷³Zn



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Vedia, María Victoria Vedia Fernández and Paziy, V. and Fraile Prieto, Luis Mario and Mach, H. (2017) Search for the ⁷³Gaground-state doublet splitting in the β decay of ⁷³Zn. Physical review C, 96 (3). ISSN 2469-9985

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The existence of two close-lying nuclear states in ⁷³Ga has recently been experimentally determined: a 1/2⁻ spin-parity for the ground state was measured in a laser spectroscopy experiment, while a J_π = 3/2⁻ level was observed in transfer reactions. This scenario is supported by Coulomb excitation studies, which set a limit for the energy splitting of 0.8 keV. In this work, we report on the study of the excited structure of ⁷³Ga populated in the β decay of ⁷³Zn produced at ISOLDE, CERN. Using β-gated, γ-ray singles, and γ –γ coincidences, we have searched for energy differences to try to delimit the ground-state energy splitting, providing a more stringent energy difference limit. Three new half-lives of excited states in ⁷³Ga have been measured using the fast-timing ;method with LaBr₃(Ce) detectors. From our study, we help clarify the excited structure of ⁷³G and we extend the existing ⁷³Zn decay to ⁷³Ga with 8 new energy levels and 35 γ transitions. We observe a 195-keV transition consistent with a γ ray de-exciting a short-lived state in the β-decay parent ⁷³Zn.

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We express our gratitude to our late colleague Henryk Mach, who developed the βγγ (t) fast-timing method and its implementation at ISOLDE. His expertise and passion for meticulous work will be remembered. This work was partially supported by the Spanish Ministerio de economía y competitividad (MINECO) via Project No. PA2015-65035-P, by Grupo de Física Nuclear (GFN) at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM). V.V. acknowledges funding from MINECO through FPI Grant No. BES-2014-068222 and J.A.B. acknowledges the Spanish MINECO through Project No. FPA2012-32443. We recognize the support from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme through ENSAR (Contract No. 262010), and the German Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) under Grant No. 05P15PKCIA. We thank the ISOLDE groups for the smooth operation of the facility and the ISOLDE collaboration. Fast-timing electronics were provided by the Fast Timing Collaboration and MASTICON.

Uncontrolled Keywords:Nuclear-data sheets; Picosecond lifetime measurements; Neutron-rich nuclei; Isotopes; Spectroscopy; Beams; Zinc
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