Increased Ap4A levels and ecto-nucleotidase activity in glaucomatous mice retina



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Pérez de Lara, María Jesús and Guzmán Aránguez, Ana Isabel and Gómez Villafuertes, María Rosa and Gualix, Javier and Miras Portugal, María Teresa and Pintor, Jesús (2018) Increased Ap4A levels and ecto-nucleotidase activity in glaucomatous mice retina. Purinergic Signalling . 12 p.. ISSN 1573-9538

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The pathogenesis of glaucoma involves numerous intracellular mechanisms including the purinergic system contribution. Furthermore, the presence and release of nucleotides and dinucleotides during the glaucomatous damage and the maintenance of degradation machinery through ecto-nucleotidase activity are participating in the modulation of the suitable extracellular complex balance. The aim of this study was to investigate the levels of diadenosine tetraphosphate (Ap4A) and the pattern of ecto-nucleotidase activity expression in glaucomatous retinas during the progress the pathology. Ap4A levels were analyzed by HPLC in glaucomatous retinas from the DBA/2J mice at 3, 9, 15, and 23 months of age. For that, retinas were dissected as flattened whole-mounts and stimulated in Ringer buffer with or without 59 mM KCl. NPP1 expression was analyzed by RT-PCR and western blot and its distribution was assessed by immunohistochemistry studies examined under confocal microscopy. Glaucomatous mice exhibited Ap4A values, which changed in stimulated retinas as long as the pathology progressed varying from 0.73 ± 0.04 (3 months) to 0.170 ± 0.05 pmol/mg retina (23 months). Concomitantly, NPP1 expression was significantly increased (82.15%) in the DBA/2J mice at 15 months. Furthermore, immunohistochemical studies showed that NPP1 labeling was stronger in OPL and IPL labeling tangentially in the vitreal part of the retina and was upregulated at 15 months of age. Our findings demonstrate that Ap4A decreased levels may be related with exacerbated activity of NPP1 protein in glaucomatous degeneration and in this way contributing to elucidate different mechanisms involved in retinal impairment in glaucomatous degeneration.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:DBA/2J; Nucleotides; Ecto-nucletoidases; NPPI; Ap4A; Retina; Glaucoma
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Medical sciences > Medicine > Ophtalmology
Medical sciences > Optics > Eyes anatomy
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