Anatomy of the Human Optic Nerve: Structure and Function



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Salazar Corral, Juan José and Ramírez Sebastián, Ana Isabel and Hoz Montañana, María Rosa, de and García Martín, Elena Salobrar and Rojas, Pilar and Fernández Arrabal, José A. and López Cuenca, Inés and Rojas López, Blanca and Triviño Casado, Alberto and Ramírez Sebastián, José Manuel (2018) Anatomy of the Human Optic Nerve: Structure and Function. In Optic Nerve. IntechOpen. (In Press)

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The optic nerve (ON) is constituted by the axons of the retinal ganglion cells (RGCs). These axons are distributed in an organized pattern from the soma of the RGC to the lateral geniculated nucleus (where most of the neurons synapse). The key points of the ON are the optic nerve head and chiasm. This chapter will include a detailed and updated review of the ON different parts: RGC axons, glial cells, connective tissue of the lamina cribrosa and the septum and the blood vessels derivate from the central retina artery and from the ciliary system. There will be an up-to-date description about the superficial nerve fibre layer, including their organization, and about prelaminar, laminar and retrolaminar regions, emphasizing the axoplasmic flow, glial barriers, biomechanics of the lamina cribrosa and the role of the macro- and microglia in their working.

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Submitted: February 28th 2018Reviewed: June 28th 2018Published: November 5th 2018

Uncontrolled Keywords:Optic nerve; Lamina cribosa; Prelaminar region; Retrolaminar region; Vascularization; Glioarchitecture; Blood barrier
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