Luminescence and cathodoluminescence properties of M^IPr(PO_3)_4(M^I=Na, Li,K) and PrP_5O_14



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Gharouel, S. and Labrador-Paez, L. and Urbieta Quiroga, Ana Irene and Fernández Sánchez, Paloma and Haro-Gonzalez, P. and Horchani-Naifer, K. and Ferid, M. (2019) Luminescence and cathodoluminescence properties of M^IPr(PO_3)_4(M^I=Na, Li,K) and PrP_5O_14. Physica B: condensed matter, 554 . pp. 121-125. ISSN 0921-4526

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Poly-crystals of praseodymium phosphate M^IPr(PO_3)_4 (M^I=Na, Li, K) and PrP_5O_14 have been synthesized by the flux method. All of these hosts crystallized in the monoclinic structures with different space groups. The spectroscopic properties of trivalent praseodymium ions in these compounds have been characterized. The emission spectra under laser excitation at 488 nm show several characteristic emission bands of Pr^3+ resulting from intra-configurational transitions between ^3^P_0 and 4f^2 lower lying levels. All the studied compounds exhibit two strong parity-allowed 4f^15d^1 -> 4f^2 emission bands located in the near ultraviolet domain using electrons as source for optical excitation. Therefore, these materials are of interest for applications in lighting and scintillating applications.

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The authors acknowledge funding support from Carthage University that reports to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Tunisia (99/UR/07-03), Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad de Espana (MINECO) (MAT2016-75362-C3-1-R and MAT2015-65274-R), the Instituto de Salud Carlos III (PI16/00812), and the Comunidad Autonoma de Madrid (B2017/BMD-3867RENIM-CM). It was co-financed by European Structural and Investment Fund. This work has also been partially supported by COST action CM1403. L.L.-P. thanks the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid for the ''Formacion de Personal Investigador (FPI-UAM)'' program. Dr. Daniel Jaque is gratefully acknowledged for giving us the opportunity to conduct luminescence measurements in the Fluorescence Imaging Group, Department of Material Physics, Madrid Autonoma University.

Uncontrolled Keywords:Fluorescence intensity ratio; Scintillation properties; Optical-properties; Crystal-structure; Pr^3+; Laser; Cerium; pr-3+; Oscillation; Transitions; Polyphosphate; Ultraphosphate; Praseodymium; Luminescence; Scintillator
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