Surface van der Waals Forces in a Nutshell



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MacDowell, Luis G. (2019) Surface van der Waals Forces in a Nutshell. Journal of Chemical Physics, 150 . 081101. ISSN (ISSN: 0021-9606, ESSN: 1089-7690)

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Most often in chemical physics, long range van der Waals surface interactions are approximated by the exact asymptotic result at vanishing distance, the well known additive approximation of London dispersion forces due to Hamaker. However, the description of retardation effects that is known since the time of Casimir is completely neglected for lack of a tractable expression. Here we show that it is possible to describe surface van der Waals forces at arbitrary distances in one single simple equation. The result captures the long sought crossover from non-retarded (London) to retarded (Casimir) interactions, the effect of polarization in condensed media and the full suppression of retarded interactions at large distance. This is achieved with similar accuracy and the same material properties that are used to approximate the Hamaker constant in conventional applications. The results show that at ambient temperature, retardation effects significantly change the power law exponent of the conventional Hamaker result for distances of just a few nanometers.

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