Myth and the Extraordinary Event



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Losada Goya, José Manuel (2014) Myth and the Extraordinary Event. International Journal of Languages and Literatures, 2 (2). pp. 31-55. ISSN 2334-234X / e-ISSN 2334-2358

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There is no myth without extraordinary event that gives it the supernatural qualities it requires in order to become part of the literary and mythological History. A definition should be given about what “extraordinary” means: an event involving facts done by personal beings (either gods or human) belonging to the supernatural world is an extraordinary one (e.g. the fight between gods and titans). But there are also myths involving personal beings who act only in the natural world (Clytemnestra). This article also presents some groups of beings categorized in categories by their origin and acts performed in each world (natural, divine...), in an attempt to demonstrate that a personage of the natural world may be involved in a process of mythification under specific conditions. Thus we can explain that human beings can operate ordinary facts in the natural world, and that these human ―even sometimes historic― beings may become myths (Alexander the Great, Humphrey Bogart).

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No hay mito sin un evento extraordinario que le otorgue las cualidades sobrenaturales que requiere para formar parte de la historia literaria y mitológica. “Extraordinario” significa, aquí, un evento que involucra a personajes que pertenecen al mundo sobrenatural (la lucha entre dioses y titanes). Pero también hay mitos sobre seres personales que actúan en el mundo natural (Clitemnestra). Este artículo también presenta el proceso de pseudomitificación de algunos personajes en condiciones específicas (Alejandro Magno, Humphrey Bogart).

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