Sex determination in two species of anuran amphibians by magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound techniques



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Ruiz Fernández, María José and Jiménez, Sara and Fernández Valle, Encarnación and García Real, María Isabel and Castejón Ferrer, David and Moreno García, Nerea and Ardiaca García, María and Montesinos, Andrés and Ariza, Salvador and González Soriano, Juncal (2020) Sex determination in two species of anuran amphibians by magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound techniques. Animals, 10 (11). pp. 1-14. ISSN Electronic: 2076-2615

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The objective of the present study was to evaluate whether gender determination in two amphibian species (Kaloula pulchra and Xenopus laevis) can be reliably carried out by means of magnetic resonance imaging (benchtop magnetic resonance imaging; BT-MRI) or ultrasound (high-resolution ultrasound; HR-US) techniques. Two species of healthy, sexually mature anurans have been used in the present study. Eight Kaloula (blind study) and six Xenopus were used as controls. Magnetic resonance imaging experiments were carried out on a low-field (1 Tesla) benchtop-MRI (BT-MRI) system. HR-US examination was performed with high-resolution equipment. Low-field BT-MRI images provided a clear and quantifiable identification of all the sexual organs present in both genders and species. The HR-US also allowed the identification of testes and ovaries in both species. Results indicate that BT-MRI allowed a very precise sex identification in both anuran species, although its use is limited by the cost of the equipment and the need for anesthesia. HR-US allowed an accurate identification of ovaries of both species whereas a precise identification of testes is limited by the ultrasonographer experience. The main advantages of this technique are the possibility of performing it without anesthesia and the higher availability of equipment in veterinary and zoo institutions.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Amphibians; Anurans; Sex determination; Magnetic resonance; Ultrasonography
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