Multinational and national firms in the process of technology internatzionalization : Spain as an intermediate case


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Molero Zayas, José (1998) Multinational and national firms in the process of technology internatzionalization : Spain as an intermediate case. [ Documentos de trabajo del IAIF; nº 9, 1998, ]

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Estudio sobre la posición de los países de tamaño intermedio en el actual proceso de internacionalización de las actividades innovadoras, liderado por las empresas multinacionales, particularmente se centra en conocer mejor las repercusiones que tienen las actividades tecnológicas e innovadoras de las filiales de las empresas multinacionales establecidas en España.
The aim of this chapter is to contribute to a better understanding of the way in which other countries different from what has been called the "triad" and other firms different from large MNCs participate in the internationalization of technological innovation. To achieve that goal we are going to analyse the Spanish case. Spain is undoubtedly a significant case in that group because it is still today a country with a low level of technological effort among European nations. Moreover, for a long period of time, Spain has been a net receiver of important amounts of foreign direct investment (FDI), with less developed outward flows. This analysis will be carried out by studying the technological behaviour of MNCs’ s subsidiaries located in Spain and its repercussions for the National System of Innovation (NSI). Through a systematic comparison with domestic companies, we shall show in which aspects MNCs act like comparable national firms, and in which others they behave differently. The weight of the sector of activity and size of the firms will be taken into account as two critical features of the group of MNCs. In the conclusions we shall comment on the repercussions the former has for designing and implementing technological policies.

Item Type:Working Paper or Technical Report
Uncontrolled Keywords:España, Innovación Tecnológica, Empresas Multinacionales, Sistemas Nacionales de Innovación
Subjects:Social sciences > Economics > Industrial management
Series Name:Documentos de trabajo del IAIF
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