Spin filtering induced by a magnetic insulator stripe on graphene



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Fuentevilla, C. H. and Lejarreta, J. D. and Domínguez-Adame Acosta, Francisco and Díez, E. (2021) Spin filtering induced by a magnetic insulator stripe on graphene. New journal of physics, 23 (5). ISSN 1367-2630

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Official URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.1088/1367-2630/abfd00


Proximity exchange interaction between graphene electrons and nearby magnetic insulators paves the way to create spin-polarised currents for spintronics applications. Different ferro- and ferrimagnetic insulators, such as europium chalcogenides, yttrium iron garnet and cobalt ferrite, have been proposed in the literature to induce magnetic correlations in graphene. We theoretically study electronic transport properties of graphene in close proximity to a strip of a magnetic insulator, when the system is connected to nonmagnetic source and drain leads. To this end, we describe graphene electrons by means of an effective Hamiltonian whose model parameters are extracted from first-principle calculations. We compare the spin-polarization of the electron current calculated for a number of different magnetic insulators, aiming at elucidating the effects of the various model parameters on the efficiency of the device. In particular, we demonstrate that the polarization of the electric current across the device can be tuned by the source-drain voltage. We conclude that the heterostructures based on europium chalcogenides are ideal candidates to achieve high polarisation at low temperature.

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The authors thank A Diaz-Fernandez for helpful discussions. This work has been supported by Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovacion (Grants MAT2016-75955 and PID2019-106820RB-C21/2) and Junta de Castilla y Leon (Grants SA256P18 and SA121P20, including EU/FEDER Tfunds).

Uncontrolled Keywords:Graphene; Ferromagnetic insulator; Ferrimagnetic insulator; Spintronics; 2D materials
Subjects:Sciences > Physics > Materials
Sciences > Physics > Solid state physics
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